Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter on St. Patricks Day

This year has been very busy, as you call all see by my lack of blogging.  So I decided to do a little Easter/St. Patricks day dinner combination.  First, I used my darling Easter table for decor.  I just love it!  Then I did a rainbow inspired dinner, with Basil Strawberry Lemonade, Rainbow Jello, Rainbow Cupcakes, Shepard's Pie, and Parmesan cheese and parsley rolls. 
Darling color scheme with green, blue, white, and grey.  Blue metallic bunnies and a tear drop egg tree.
This turned out pretty good, but it needs tweaked so ill post the recipe once I make it perfectly!
Rainbow Jello!!! It went with a new take on St. Patricks day.  Instead of an all green meal, I did a festive rainbow, and green dinner.  I think from now on I will carry on this tradition! (Even though I hate Jello, haha)
Plus some cute St. Patricks Day sugar cookies!

Note that if you make these, the rainbows fall the next day. So do them right before dinner!

Shepard's pie and Parmesan rolls. The meal was delicious!

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  1. Love your table and your beautiful menu! It's not a proper celebration until you have a hand in the Holiday! Lovely as usual!