Saturday, October 20, 2012

My House for Halloween

This is just a fun blog post that I did of how I decorated my town house for Halloween.  Its pretty simplified, considering I havn't had much time as of late.  But I love it!  I went with the whole Vintage look in the living room, and then in the Kitchen I used some of my fun witch stuff.  Please pardon the raw images.  In order to get a post out this weekend, I had to do it before work today and tomorrow.  Next week I will be posting five or so post, so stay tuned!
 Festooning on the Witch lights adds a 1950's touch, along with a fun spray on the edge.
 This is my Kitchen table, I did it simply with a plaid tablecloth, and a glittery black tree to bring height into the room.
 The Kitchen cupboard, the black and orange bowl in the back is my candy dish, though I now wished I had moved it to the shelf below!
 This is my living room, I used a lot of black and cream decorations with a hint of orange.  The Halloween books will come as a tutorial next week!
 The living room from one angle, my color scheme is black, cream, silver blue, and a touch of purple.  Ill post pics in January of the actual town home.
 Halloween books that we made, easy to do. Posting tutorial next week!
 I was given this pillow as a gift from my dear friend Andrea, whos blog is: It's The Life.  The tutorial on how to make this, and a couple other pillows is on there, so check it out!
  This is book print from an old dictionary, with a cute Vintage image painted on top of it, and placed in a vintage frame that was painted black.  We found these at a local antique store! Favorite find of the year!

 This wreath you can find at Sam's club, I picked it up because of the Candy Corns and the tinsel fit my theme perfectly.  We embellished it a little more to make it work with my room, I will post a tutorial on that next week as well!
 As you can see, when you first walk in thats what you see, so I had Candy Corn mixed in with all the vintage items, to give it a fun pop of color!
These are some adorable cupcake pot holders and kitchen towel that my friend Andrea's Mom made.  There are links on her blog to purchase them if you would like.  They have them in every Holiday, and lots of fun color schemes as well.  So check them out!


  1. Cute cute house! Love all the decorations.

  2. Love your wonderful decor ! Fabulous Halloween! You really know how to dress the Holidays!

  3. How festive! Rachel, you take CREATIVE to all new heights!