Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby Girl

I decided to label this month BABY MONTH... since my life pretty much revolves around that and New Years Resolutions these days. So to start the month off right, I thought I'd show you the two little joys that entered into our lives this past December...
Some of you may remember my Shabby Chic Princess Party post from awhile back, where I featured two of my favorite girls and their little baby bumps.  Well guess what? They no longer have baby bumps because they both had there babies in December!  You may also be wondering why when I threw such an elaborate Birthday party would I not throw them baby showers.  Well I did, but with the holidays things got to crazy to post them.  So they are BOTH going to be posted this month! So stay tuned because there will be plenty of tutorials and fun recipes that go along with them!
Only chance we had to get a shot of both of them and their babies was in the hospital for now since my cousin and her husband moved!
This is pictures of my sisters baby.  We were just playing around with our cameras and stuff and decided to take a few shots.  Baby girl is only a week old and were already playing dress up with her... she's bound to be a true princess when she grows up!
This is the fabric and trim I had made into a blanket for her.  It hangs on her crib.  Everything on the baby came from Dear Lizzie's. 


  1. Oh Rachel, melt my heart! That second photo on the left looks exactly like her cute mama! Congratulations! Girls are the best. What an adorable princess and killer tiara too! Have so much fun. Jessica and Audra are both expecting again. It is always so fun.

  2. Thank you so much Jackie! That is exciting news about Jessica and Audra, tell them both congrats for me!

  3. LOVE these pictures! That outfit is so cute on her!

  4. My favorite post! Love love these babies and your great photography capturing the moments!