Monday, August 29, 2011

Lavender and Lemon Tea Party

On one of my trips to England I was able to go in May for an Art Study Abroad.  During our free time on the weekend, we decided to visit Hampton Court Palace.  While walking the Palace grounds my friend Krystal and I watched as some children danced around in beautiful spring colored dresses braiding the Mayflower pole. 
It instantly brought back childhood memories of second grade where we had the opportunities to make flowered wreaths for our hair with pretty ribbons tied to the end, then we danced around in our school uniformers learning how to braid the Mayflower pole.  It was during that time in my life that I was first introduced to Tea Parties and learning more about the Victorian Era.  My mother even designed for me, the most beautiful victorian bedroom to help inspire me. 

So this Tea Party is a traditional little English tea party, that was inspired by spring in England.  I used lots of fresh lavender, lemons, and beautiful little bird dishes to create the feeling of spring! The sign was designed to have a loose ribbon boarding on the edges to bring out the look and feel of the mayflower pole.  I wanted this to have a romantic feel about it, so I placed little jars in the trees with candles and loose ribbons to bring carry on the Mayflower theme.  Each cafe table was set with flowers and tea, with tea plates and cups, making it an intimate tea party.  Since the tables were on the petit side, I decided to set up a buffet table and let everyone get there own treats.  

I served cucumber sandwiches with a lemon herb cream cheese.  Fresh scones with a lemon curd and lavender clotted cream.  Little tea cookies (I cheated and made sugar cookies which is not traditional) lemon sugar cookies with a lavender glaze, lavender macaroons with a lemon filling.  Little rose vanilla tea cakes with a coconut frosting, and some other tea cakes from Mrs Backers Bakery to add variety. Last but not least, my friend Tracy made a very moist lavender lemon cake that you can find HERE.

 We spent the evening with good friends and family, gathered together as the sun set, enjoying each others company and taking some pictures in the fading light of my pregnant friend, cousin, and sister who have all been blessed with little girls!  Looks like I have all the more reasons to continue doing tea parties!

Because it was so late, the pictures didn't turn out as clear as I had hoped.  So they got stylized a bit. The last one stylized though was too dark, but thats the three little girls on the way in order of due date!

Recipe for Rose Petifores are found HERE!
Recipe for Lemon and Lavender cookies HERE!


  1. Looks beautiful. I want to eat that drippy bunt cake.

  2. It turned out beautiful. I was happy to help contribute with the Lemon Cake. Glad everyone liked it. Thanks for inviting me!!! :)

  3. How wonderful and yummy! I love both lavendar and lemon. Everything is so pretty too. I am sure everyone had a wonderful night. The pregnant ladies look lovely too, how fun is that.

  4. "Three" more reasons to continue doing tea parties. What fun for those little girls. It's all so beautiful, Rach. My mouth is watering. :)

  5. Love this Rachel. Everything was tasty and eye candy as well. Beautiful, fun tea!