Monday, July 18, 2011

Lady Bug Slidders

To make the LADY BUG SLIDDERS is very simple.  First take any roll mix that you like, OR make your favorite roll recipe.  Do not buy pre-made roll dough.  When you add the dye it will just streak the dough instead of dying all of it.  When you get to the stage where you are adding your liquid to the dough, add a 1/8 teaspoon of dye.  If you are using liquid dye you made need to add more.  Once you are done form the dough into balls and let it rise for however long the instructions say.

NEXT, in each roll cut into the top making a stripe across the body and put three little holes on each side.  Next use a little measuring spoon and put black sesame seeds into each whole and along the line down the back.  Bake for whatever time the rolls say to bake them at.

LAST, make your kids favorite burger and add it to the cooled buns, and ENJOY!


  1. Love those ladybugs! Cute and tasty

  2. Keep adding red food coloring to get the color you want